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"The Nuts and Bolts Workshops and Bec-Spoke On Site Training provided by Rebecca Leach Professional Development has been excellent, as is the knowledge and experience of Rebecca. She manages to pack a lot of information into a very short time frame but in a way that is both enjoyable and educational. A key to the success of the training is the way that Rebecca builds up a rapport with the attendees in no time and provides practical examples on the subjects, which makes the training highly participatory and inclusive." Maria (Carer Support)​

Sometimes, due to the nature of the work (including time and budget constraints) it can be challenging to focus on reflection and continuous improvement. However, I believe that integrating workforce development (such as a 70:20:10 framework) into day to day operations enhances flexible, innovative, person centred service delivery, which leads to improved outcomes for individuals, families and communities. In addition, workforce development can assist organisations to become person-centred and improve staff and volunteer recruitment, development and retention practices.

Recently, I have facilitated Bec-Spoke On Site Training, presented at conferences and provided consultancy services throughout Australia in relation to boundaries, case management, conflict management, communication skills, co-morbidity, counselling, documentation, leadership, managing change, mental health, pedagogy, person centred practice, understanding self harm, responding to aggressive behaviour, trauma informed practice and vicarious trauma. 

I hope to support your learning and development by facilitating Bec-Spoke On Site Training. This is interactive professional development (not 'chalk and talk') customised to meet the needs of your organisation. My focus is on providing practical strategies and ongoing implementation support. Please note that I am also able to present at conferences and to provide consultancy services.
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Workplace Planning Toolkit (Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council)

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